Close-up magicians are highly sorted after because they add the wow factor to any event. They entertain your guests and keep them busy in between the event to prevent boredom. They mingle with the guests as they arrive, during and after meals and bring people together as they discuss the magic. Close-up magic requires concentration and a unique level of expertise to pull off successfully. Hence, the need to watch out for the following key qualities when hiring a close-up magician.


To pull every trick successfully and connect with audiences, a close-up magician must possess the ability concentrate adequately. For instance, a wedding magician must practice a trick over and over again in order to perfect their hand sleigh and a professional amount of concentration. There is much that goes on when a magician is on set; people talk, laugh and giggle at the magic. But, a magician should not lose focus and must execute their tricks correctly amidst the noise of amused and excited audiences. Though you cannot determine a close-up magician’s concentration level, you can go through their reviews and online videos if any to determine whether they are dedicated to entertaining different crowds.


Every serious close-up magician must be creative and ready to act outside the magic box with the aim of performing mind blowing and unique tricks. They should be capable of entertaining different personalities who attend your event. However, it is advisable to hire a magician specializing in your event type. For instance, you can hire a trade show magician, corporate magician or a wedding magician depending on your event type. Event specific magicians have the ability to make memorable and exciting entertainment for your event. Despite the nature of your event. Close-up magic requires a high level of creativity as compared to other magic categories. Also, the magician must be clever to choose their acts wisely.


A close-up magician should have the ability to communicate with your guests professionally and engage them accordingly to ensure that they understand the tricks. Hence, they should be willing to mingle with the guests as opposed to performing the magic tricks on the stage. Therefore, look out for close-up magicians who engage their audiences when performing their tricks as opposed to those just perform on stage. Read more, click here.


There are many factors that you should consider when hiring a close-up magician but the above are key. Consider the nature of your event, how approachable, welcoming and confident the magician is.

Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_(illusion) to read more about this.


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